Hi, this is Anders Demosite. Here you can listen to what I do. If you press the button you can play my song I maked at home.
On the song called Du och Jag did I use the guitar you see beside, a
Fender Percision Bass. A Fender-
Lead II, Synthesizer, drums and
I´m going to update this version
zoon on this site so you can listen
to all changes of this song.
The Demosongs Choosen few and One Night is written by David Williamson Glasgow Scotland and Anders Falk Vasteras Sweden.
On drums Hempo Hilden, bass Kaj Soderstrom, git Anders Falk, song Dave Williamson


Press on PLAY and listen to Choosen few 3:59 mp3 (size3,66Mb) (Williamson-Falk)

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Williamson- Falk Band