Vasteras Artschool...............1year
Arthighschool in Stockholm 1year
Future Media Design.............1year
My own studies in OlderColour techniques
My own studies in anatomy
My own studies in Data/Cubase
Practise & plying music for 35 year
Working with Photoshop, Image Ready,
Adobe Premiere, Flash MX, Html
(Dreamweaver), Wavelab, Cubase,
DIGI001, Photograph (Digital),
Using DVD Cam, Editing Adobe Premiere
I keep myself up to date and study when I can.


The picture above is of Tido Castle situated
close to Askoviken at Lake Malaren. This is
an area of great natural beauty 15 km south- west of the town of Vasteras. At various stages between 1990 to1995 I restored the
interior fixtures at this residence, which included wallpaintings, chimneys, sculptures, paintings and picture frames.
Axel Oxenstierna, who was both Gustaf II Adolfs chancellor and Queen Kristinas guardian, built the castle over a period of 22 years from1620 to1642 with the assistance of the talented Simon de la Vallée and
Nicodemus Tessin senior.

The castle has been in its original condition for many centuries and is very well pre-served.
I´m going to make a new following-up movie about my work in the Tido Castle just to se how time has treated my work.


The sites you seen shows some of my work
in art, music and multimedia. A bit of across-
section throuhgt my creative spirits. My education is of varying characters.
I´ve been in to artschools, playing in many different groups, spent my time on writing music and lyrics in the swedish language, and drums N' bass proj movie-suited music.
I have restored 1500-, 1600- och 1700-century objects and spent many hours of studying the Older technique of vehicle, base for Colours from 1200-century and ahead in time. My restorings and actions is documented on movie, and now digitialized to the most sizes from DVD, VideoCD to the web.