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Anders Falk - the official site
The Flashsite, called "Anders Falk", was created by Anders Falk
under the dark nights of 2003.
This HTML-site is done and arranged by me alone.
Me; Anders, is working with art, multimedia and webdesign at home in Vasteras.
I´m also writing text, music, singing and playing instruments. Editing movies, sound
and mixings.
This is my first homepage you are looking in to
Management & maintenance: Anders Falk.
Webmaster: Anders Falk
Size: 800x550 px.
Extent: More than less 30Mb distributed on about 76 pages.
Made by: Macromedia FlashMX and Dreamweaver under PC XP Professional.
Webhost: Scorpion Data
Betatester: Charly on modem-connection. Thanks for your interest and your patience.
Thanks to Rolf, Stephan, Don, Future Media Design in Vasteras Sweden.
Also thanks to my DELL Pentium 4 a great machine to work with.
My MacG4 for a excellent work with music.
If you would get in contact with me, please leave a message in